Bath Mirror Maker Tribute

I go to the bathroom and celebrate make culture.

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So what could this strange new fusion-3D print design be???

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Me and my Favorite Daughter on the way to the beach

Heading to the beach with my favorite daughter

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Talk about a BIM blog with more style and less yawn

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What my typical BIM Design Review looks like at work

It looks very similar to this… only instead of all the drama… it’s resolving clashes and saving money.  Otherwise just like this.

Taken down.. Just like integrators.  🙂

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Not just about “whiz-bang” BIM software

The type of BIM integration that leads to value needs to extend beyond the software.  You don’t need to hear that from me as many have documented lessons learned the hard way.    Josh Oakley’s article for last month touched on several examples of failed implementation at the corporate level have little to do with software or technology.  I could also relate many of his examples to attempts to integrate a project BIM team.

He also touches on the danger of a less than 100% commitment by that all important Architectural and Engineering component.  AE management needs to govern a culture that is different than traditional.  A culture that stresses the expectation of BIM implementation of every project is delivered with the maximum value.  Corporate structure has a significant value on business strategies that allow BIM to automate the right processes.

BIM is not risk unless it’s sold at value and delivered without.

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Press Release for Important services supporting BIM-to-Field workflows

I got a chance to work with a progressive set of field guys on a recent Ghafari project for Ford of Lima Ohio.  I gave these guys a positive quote because I believe in what they are doing and it’s importance in the next inevitable steps deploying 3D virtual projects for Smarter, Better, Cheaper, Faster construction.

Some good work guys!  And I’m not talking about your snappy backgroud music in your youtube post.  🙂

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Hello world, welcome to new W.P. site!

Cool pic not here yet

I will cut you ...r cheese if you want

The Drupal site is now history and I’m now running WordPress.  If that means nothing to you then you can still enjoy so much of what I like to call awesome.  Please use my contact menu if you need to reach me or just use the chat window to discuss all your hope, dreams and pie.

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so.. Laser scanning is just another CAD reference?? Your doing is right.

360 laser scanning is not new to the construction industry.  However, neither are the challenges it presents to traditional AE delivery systems.  A bunch of points in space don’t make for very good paper drawings.  The processes often put in place to fill that gap along the supply chain between the heavy scan data and paper delivery, adds hours, cost and suffers from misinterpretation errors.   So much for the accuracy of “sharks with frickin lasers on their heads” at that point.  🙂

There is a way to capitalize on this accuracy, if the AEC supply chains can commit to digital delivery systems that do not reinterpret, but rather use the accuracy directly.    Yes, you guested it!  It’s much different.  A few people might have to change the way they review things and accept information.  The contract language will need to adjust and even then some awarded will not realize what they signed up for.  The end goal however is savings.  And not just savings on this project, but 3D BIM is a life-cycle where each phase is dependant on the quality of the previous.  The sustainability of a buildings virtual model should move along with the real one in order to continue to serve it’s life-cycle needs.  Can you say “highly accurate record model?” using “frickin  lasers!”

Refer to “when” post

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smart buildings will need to keep up with smart …everything else I ran across this video in a news feed and it made me realize that there might be many next steps available to those industries who are taking the first today to invest in smart building technology and integration.  If a person can use a device to recognize it’s environment… surely a building will use the same technology to recognize it’s exact occupancy.  The possibilities will be endless.

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