Integration Case Study – “Professionally Executed BIM”=Opportunity

Predictability is the real catylist for first cost saving for contractors.  I have worked with   many building contractors who have advance there off-site prefabrication capability to capitalize on one of the greatest first-cost values of a coordinated BIM model.  Install convidence is what I’m talking about.  BIM alone can’t reach this level of predictable conditions in the field.

There is a good reasons why so much AEC coverage that talks about BIM, now mentions IPD in the same breath.  This is because so many parallel design efforts need to be integrated together and coordinated in a single context before the first system is either installed or even fabricated.  An IPD delivery structure helps insure that any individual system can have enough predictability to be prefabicated off-site and crews scheduled for trouble-free install.


J.C. Cannistraro‘s website (mechanical cotractors in Boston area) showcases some of the benifits when given a “coordinated” BIM.  They are using preditable conditions to estimate and prefabfication materials and maximize installation sequencing.  That covers  3DBIM, 4DBIM, and 5DBIM.

4:57 “Professionally Executed Bim

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