Not just about “whiz-bang” BIM software

The type of BIM integration that leads to value needs to extend beyond the software.  You don’t need to hear that from me as many have documented lessons learned the hard way.    Josh Oakley’s article for last month touched on several examples of failed implementation at the corporate level have little to do with software or technology.  I could also relate many of his examples to attempts to integrate a project BIM team.

He also touches on the danger of a less than 100% commitment by that all important Architectural and Engineering component.  AE management needs to govern a culture that is different than traditional.  A culture that stresses the expectation of BIM implementation of every project is delivered with the maximum value.  Corporate structure has a significant value on business strategies that allow BIM to automate the right processes.

BIM is not risk unless it’s sold at value and delivered without.

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