so.. Laser scanning is just another CAD reference?? Your doing is right.

360 laser scanning is not new to the construction industry.  However, neither are the challenges it presents to traditional AE delivery systems.  A bunch of points in space don’t make for very good paper drawings.  The processes often put in place to fill that gap along the supply chain between the heavy scan data and paper delivery, adds hours, cost and suffers from misinterpretation errors.   So much for the accuracy of “sharks with frickin lasers on their heads” at that point.  🙂

There is a way to capitalize on this accuracy, if the AEC supply chains can commit to digital delivery systems that do not reinterpret, but rather use the accuracy directly.    Yes, you guested it!  It’s much different.  A few people might have to change the way they review things and accept information.  The contract language will need to adjust and even then some awarded will not realize what they signed up for.  The end goal however is savings.  And not just savings on this project, but 3D BIM is a life-cycle where each phase is dependant on the quality of the previous.  The sustainability of a buildings virtual model should move along with the real one in order to continue to serve it’s life-cycle needs.  Can you say “highly accurate record model?” using “frickin  lasers!”

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